Standard Traffic Stencil Kit


Easy to use reusable Stencil Kit for all your pavement marking needs!


The Standard Traffic Stencil Kit come with a variety of reusable stencils to safely mark your parking lot or floor of your facility.   Traffic Stencil Kits come in D 1/16″ plastic or M 1/8″ plastic.

S-1010 D/M Standard Stencil Kit

  • 21- 1/2″ Handicap Symbol
  • 42″ Standard Arrow Kit, 2pc
  • 12″ “NO PARKING”
  • 12″ “FIRE LANE”
  • 12″ Standard Number Kit, 12pc
  • 4″ “NO PARKING”
  • 4″ “FIRE LANE”
  • 4″ “VISITORS”
  • 4″ “RESERVED”

Also available in Large Stencil Kit 
Use with Whitlam Traffic Aerosol and Traffic Paint



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