Graco Ultra Cordless Sprayer for Spraying Paint


Worlds first cordless, hoseless, self contained paint sprayer.  Pro-Stencil is the ultimate tool for stencil and logo work.  Excellent for spraying disinfectant !


Graco Ultra Cordless Paint Sprayer

  • Cordless and Hoseless
  • Self Contained
  • Two (2) 20V Lithium-ion power pack batteries
  • 32 oz. cup with cover and 5 cup liners

Use this product with the FFLP308 sprayer tip for a sanitation fogger.  The easiest solution to quickly sanitize large areas.

Handheld sprayer that runs flawlessly.  This sprayer can spray in tight areas and tough to get to areas effectively.  Switch out the tip to a 214 for trim to prevent over spray when doing trim.  Minimal hand fatigue when using the sprayer with a full cup of paint.  It does go through paint quickly and clean up is fast.

Proven By Pros, Ultra Cordless sprayers provide the fastest way to finish small jobs. Deliver a perfect airless finish in seconds with fast, easy setup and the easy-to-clean design reduces cleanup to just a few minutes so you get to the next job quicker.

  • Triax Triple Piston Pump
    • Durable carbide piston built to deliver extended reliability and full tip support
    • The most durable, lightest weight pump
    • Fast, on-the-job pump replacement with ProConnect
  • DEWALT® 20V MAX Lithium Ion Battery System
    • Spray up to 1 gallon with each charge
    • Compatible with any DEWALT 20V MAX Lithium Ion battery
    • Comes standard with 2 batteries and charger
    • 3-LED fuel gauge system allows immediate feedback on state of charge
    • Lightweight design and 30% faster charge time (35 minutes)
  • ProConnect
    • On-The-Job Pump Replacement System
    • One Tool Replacement – Replace the pump in 3 steps using only a screwdriver
  • SmartControl
    • Spray at any hand speed with professional finish every time
    • Precision pressure control delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuations
  • ProControl II
    • Adjust motor speed to spray at any speed the job demands
    • More control to deliver a professional finish – every job, every time
  • RAC X FF LP Tips
    • Provides superior finish at low pressure
    • Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) SwitchTips make cleaning tip clogs simple
    • Large range of sizes available to meet the job requirements
    • Works on all Graco Airless Sprayers – handhelds to large airless
  • 32 oz FlexLiner Paint Bags
    • Fast cleanup with disposable liners and no suction tube to clean
    • Easy Setup


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