NewStripe 4250 Walk Behind Airless Sprayer


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The 4250 Airless Striping Machine features:

Straighter Lines – The 10 inch pneumatic tires and four wheel design, provides straighter lines when striping on both smooth and uneven surfaces.

Brighter Lines – Fully adjustable, 0-3000 psi pump pressure. You control the perfect pressure to apply thinned or non-thinned paints. The result is a higher quality line without wasting paint.

Easy To Use – Paint is pulled directly from any standard 5-gallon pail. A universal lid snaps on any pail to prevent spills.

Easy Cleanup – Color changes and clean up are a snap. Simply remove the pail with unused paint , place a pail with 1-2 gallons of water or solvent (depending on the paint being used) on the machine and flush the system. Run the liquid pump protector through the system and your machine is ready for the next striping job.

Versatile – Stripe Athletic fields or parking lots. Plus, a quick release clamp allows you to remove the spray gun to spray stencils, curbs, and hard to reach areas with a 25 foot length hose. An optional rear caster is also available to spray arcs and circles.

4250 Product Manual


Additional information

Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 50 × 40 in
Easy To Use

0-300 psi adjustable airless spray pump for best edge lines Sprays 2"-6" wide lines
25' hose with quick release spray gun to spray stencils or side lines
Universal left or right side gun mount


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