Solid Orange Chain Set & Down Indicator


Pro Down Orange Solid Chain Set and Down Indicator

Officials, players, coaches and fans can confidently decide whether a play ends just short at third and inches or whether a first down has been acquired!  The easily visible bull’s-eye design and solid orange banners on the chain set along with large numbers on the down indicator box can be spotted from virtually anywhere on the gridiron or in the bleachers.  The 10-yard galvanized steel chain stands up to rigorous, all-weather use.



Solid Orange Chain Set and Indicator

  • The two-piece chain set marks the distance by placing one pole on the current line and one pole farther down the field
  • 10-yard galvanized steel chain on the Solid Chain Set and Down Indicator delivers accurate measurements during football games and withstands a variety of weather conditions
  • 8 ft. high chain set poles with a bull’s-eye design and solid orange banners for high visibility
  • One-piece, pro-style down indicator displays 12.5 in. high numbers for easy readability on the field or in the stands
  • Fully padded chains protect players that run out of bounds or are tackled on the sidelines
  • FB PRO SET with Pro-Style Indicator


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