Pro-Down Weighted Anchorless Pylons


Pro-Down Weighted Anchorless Pylons

  • Fluorescent Orange
  • 18″ Pylon
  • Heavy duty reinforced vinyl cover
  • Weighted base
  • Safe foam filler
  • 4lbs/ pylon
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Put the Pro-Down Weighted Anchorless Pylons into place immediately on your football or soccer fields.  The Pro-Down Weighted Anchorless  Pylons stand by themselves and feature a safe foam filler.

  • Safe foam filler softens potential impacts when players are reaching for the goal line
  • Weighted bottom pylons allows the pylons to stand on their own without the need for anchors for simple field setup and maintenance during the game
  • Anchored pylons require anchors to be installed to receive the “spring-back” coil pylon
  • Fluorescent orange color ensures the end zone can be easily seen from the field, sidelines and stands
  • Each pylon measures 18 in. high for added visibility on the gridiron
  • Includes four pylons to mark one end zone


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