Greens Groomer Synthetic Turf Groomer



Greens Groomer Synthetic Turf Groomer – (stock code 920SDE). Electric Lift Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer has 16 Super Duty Blue brushes set at various angles to the direction the unit is being towed. The Groomer stands the turf surface up and assists in moving the top layer of infill, leveling low spots and depressions left after play.

  • Optional Spring Tine Rake (stock code STR) combs through infill, relieving compaction and assuring a soft, level playing surface Rake option includes follow-up brush and magnet hitch kit.
  • Optional 6’ tow-behind magnet (stock code SFM) available for collecting ferrous material hidden in the field and infill.
  • Optional LitterKat Synthetic Sports Field Turf Debris Collector with Sports Field Magnet (stock code 760)

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Weight 370.0 lbs


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