Drag King Deluxe with Scarifier For Athletic Fields




Bring rough athletic fields back to shape quickly with The Drag King Deluxe with Scarifier.

  • Features a unique 3-Section Component Design
  • Combines the grooming capabilities of conventional hand pulled mat with the field conditioning capabilities of a tractor pulled unit.
  • Costs thousands of dollars less than conventional hand pulled equipment.
  • Scarifier Section pulled with a standard lawn or garden tractor.
  • Bring rougher fields back to shape quickly
  • The Drag King with Scarifier features a fixed 1 inch depth on the scarifier teeth and reversible scarifier/planing blades on center section that adjust to a 1 inch maximum cutting depth.
  • Extra heavy pull chain.
  • Extra large debris basket.
  • Quality built in the USA !


Additional information

Weight 98 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 49 in
Ideal Application

Athletic Fields, baseball and softball


1 inch maximum cutting depth. Cannot be pulled by hand


Garde4n Tractor, ATV

Grooming path

Cutting Path 48"

Cutting Depth - Height Adj

1/2" – 3" maximum depth. # Position depth adjustments. No tool required


Harrow teeth, Planning blade and drag, Debris Basket

Tires - Wheels

5" OD X 1-3/8" Solid rubber wheels on scarifier


All welded steel and industrial grade components


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