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NewRider 5000 HPA




NewRider 5000 

EX40 Subaru 14 Hp Engine with Electric start, oil sentry and hydrostatic (automatic) transaxle.
50 gallon polyethylene tank with continuous paint agitation and 5" opening for easy filling.
2.5 Gallon purge tank, means no down time and quick clean up.
Convenient hand controls with foot operated spray valve.
25' hose with quick release spray gun allows for painting of stencils and sidelines.

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The NewRider 5000 is the first true ride-on airless paint striping machine designed to produce the brightest, straightest lines available on natural or artificial turf. Front wheel drive with rear steer produces straighter lines than comparable front steer machines. The airless pump with adjustable pressure lets you dial in the spray so you spray "just the turf" without wasting paint or injecting the soil or disturbing the rubber filling. The front swivel caster follows ground contours for consistent line width. Plus, an adjustable tilt steering column and high back seat provide operator comfort and let you enter and exit the machine with ease.

The NewRider 5000 has:

Straighter Lines - The NewRider 5000 has front wheel drive with rear steering. Placing the spray gun closer to the pivot point of the machine means less movement of the spray gun compared to movement of the steering wheel. The low seat height of just 30" and center spray head allow you to sight down existing lines or easily follow layout strings for the straightest lines possible.

Brighter Lines - Fully adjustable, 0-3000 psi pump pressure. You control the perfect pressure to apply thinned or non-thinned paints. You get complete coverage of "just the turf", without injecting or smothering the soil. The result is healthier turf and brighter lines with any paint.

Consistent Line Width - The floating, front swivel caster allows the spray gun to follow ground contours while maintaining the line width for more consistent lines over rough terrain.




Safe - Features like empty-seat kill switch, parking brake and neutral kill switch adds to the safety of your operator. Plus, you have no pressurized tanks on the NewRider 5000.

Built to last - All welded structural steel chassis, 14 hp OHV commercial grade engine, dual paint pumps and hydrostatic transmission add up to the toughest field marking machine available.

Easy to use - The adjustable, tilt steering column allows easy enter and exit of machine. Seat based operator controls for ignition, throttle and parking brake. Foot pedals control forward/reverse, speed, spray gun activation, steering column lock and lifting or lowering the spray head.

Easy to clean - At the end of the day simply drain and flush out the tank using convenient garden hose connectors. The large in-line paint filters assures your operator will be spending his time lining fields, not cleaning out clogged nozzles.

Airless Spray Head - It saves time and money. The airless spray gun atomizes the paint to provide optimal coverage of the  grass blades. The NewRider 5000 field marking machine gives you a perfectly painted field in half the time. Plus, line width is adjustable from 2"-6".

No More Clogged Tips or Filters - The NewRider 5000 features dual in-line filters with 14.4 square inches of area. That's 400 times more filter area than other field stripers. Continuous Paint Agitation: A constant recirculation system keeps the paint consistent throughout the job. Less paint will be used and you will never need to stop and stir again.

Hand Gun and 25' Hose - It makes easy work of marking stencils and other special field painting needs.

Newstripe Quality - The NewRider 5000 comes with Newstripe's exclusive 18-month warranty, the longest available.


All Newstripe NewRiders are backed by
 a full 18 month warranty.


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